(1984-1993 in the USA)

Dr. Otto-G. Richter

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October 1992 - January 1993

Visiting Scientist

Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD


Dr. Richter continued work on several scientific projects while waiting for a proposed follow-on employment at Hughes STX.

Reference: Dr. Nino Panagia (panagia@stsci.edu)


October 1992 - December 1992


Hughes STX Corporation (today: Raytheon STX), Lanham, MD


Dr. Richter supported the bid by Hughes STX for the NASA Crustal Dynamics Project at GSFC (using VLBI techniques) on which he was to be hired as chief scientist and program manager if Hughes STX would have won the bid to be the NASA contractor for this project. (Hughes STX very narrowly lost to the incumbent.)


October 1984 - September 1992

Staff Scientist

Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD


Dr. Richter was an astronomer with the European Space Agency at the Space Telescope Science Institute, where he worked in the area of science verification of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) spacecraft, scheduled camera observations, coordinated TAC meetings, organized scientific meetings and conferences, and conducted astronomical research in the areas of supernovae statistics, global properties of disk galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and cataloging the HI properties of external galaxies.

As Science Verification Scientist, he worked with NASA/GSFC scientists and gained a broad understanding of the HST spacecraft, its in-orbit constraints for operations, and its on-board instruments. He became familiar with HST-related planning system software including SPIKE, TRANSFORMATION, and SPSS.

Frequent observing trips have made him proficient in the use of the (former) 300 foot and the 140 foot radio telescopes of NRAO at Green Bank, W.Va., the NRAO VLA near Socorro, N.M., the ATNF Compact Array in Narrabri, and the Parkes 64m diameter radio telescope in Australia.

Dr. Richter has an excellent knowledge of various common astronomical data reductions packages both for optical and radio data.

For the latter six years of this appointment he was a member of the Computer Advisory Committee which participated in the design and planning of computer hardware and software systems at the Institute.

Dr. Richter participated in public lecture series and outreach programs of STScI.

Immediate Supervisor: Dr. F. Duccio Macchetto (duccio@stsci.edu)


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