My Favorite Art

As everyone knows, one cannot really argue about taste. After all, everybody is different. Just like in music, my taste in art is varied and encompasses many different styles. Furthermore, my taste sometimes changes over time and with experiences. In art museums I usually look first for the Impressionists. I am especially impressed by Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cezanne, but I also like to see Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, and others. As far as more modern art is concerned, specifically surrealism, aside from Salvadore Dali I got to know - through my second wife - Remedios Varo, and that was a very welcome and positive addition. From the romantic period, I like especially Caspar David Friedrich.

My daugher Ellen occassionally uses her artistic talent; she is an excellent painter. Some of her drawings and watercolors are outstanding. Lately, she has discovered PhotoShop and works a lot on her own photographs. Great examples can be found at route 66 art.

Remedios Varo No. 1
Remedios Varo No. 3
Remedios Varo No. 10
Remedios Varo No. 43 (my favorite of hers)

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