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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Otto-Georg Richter
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26.02.1953Born in Lüneburg (Lower Saxony, Germany) as only Child of Otto-Heinrich Richter and his wife Käthe Richter nee Neumann
04.05.1957Move to Adendorf (Lüneburg County)
06.04.1959 - 05.04.1963 Elementary School (Grades 1 - 4) in Adendorf
22.04.1963 - 08.06.1971Gymnasium (German High School, Grades 5 - 13): Johanneum Lüneburg
08.06.1971Matriculation ("Abitur") (Average Grade: "Good")
01.07.1971 - 30.06.1973Voluntary Military Service (in the Army)
15.08.1973 - 13.07.1978Study of Physics (major), Astronomy and Computer Science (minors) at the University of Hamburg
01.01.1975 - 30.06.1980Side Job as Insurance Agent for the "CONCORDIA Versicherungs-AG" (Lüneburg principalship)
04.02.1976BA ("Vordiplom") in Physics, Computer Science, and Astronomy (Grade in all 3: "Good")
13.07.1978MA ("Diplom") in Physics (Average Grade: "Good", Grade for the Diploma Thesis: "Very Good")
14.07.1978 - 13.08.1982Ph.D. Studies of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Hamburg and the Max-Planck-Institut for Radioastronomy (M.P.I.f.R.) in Bonn
01.12.1978Civil Marriage with Jutta Koslowski (born 30.12.1952 in Schledehausen, Osnabrück County, Lower Saxony, Germany)
15.03.1979 - 31.03.1980Part-time Work as Assistant Astronomer at the Hamburg Observatory ("Hamburger Sternwarte") in Bergedorf
01.04.1980 - 31.03.1981Part-time Work as Assistant Scientist for the Project "Galaxy Parameters", at first in Hamburg, later in Bonn (support by a Grant from the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG", DFG)
30.06.1980Move to Niederdollendorf (Siegburg County, Northrhine-Westphalia)
01.04.1981 - 31.07.1982Ph.D. Study Stipend at the M.P.I.f.R. in Bonn
08.03.1982Birth of older Daughter Ellen in Bonn
01.08.1982 - 16.08.1982Postdoctoral Fellowship at the M.P.I.f.R. in Bonn
13.08.1982Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Hamburg (Grade: "Very Good")
23.08.1982Move to Unterschleißheim (Munich County, Bavaria)
01.09.1982 - 30.09.1984Postdoctoral Fellowship at the European Southern Observatory, ESO in Garching near Munich
01.10.1984Move to Towson (Baltimore County, Maryland, USA)
01.10.1984 - 30.09.1992System Study Scientist, Planning Scientist, and Astronomer with the European Space Agency (European Space Agency, ESA) at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore
01.05.1985Move to Timonium (Baltimore County)
24.05.1987Birth of younger daughter Tanja in Towson (Baltimore County, dual citizen of Germany and the United States of America)
02.09.1990 - 17.01.1993Leader of the Adult Sunday Church School Group at the Grace English Evangelical Lutheran Church in Timonium
01.10.1992 - 22.01.1993Guest Scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute
27.10.1992 - 18.12.1992Scientific-Technical Consultant for Hughes STX Co. (in Lanham, Maryland, USA; NASA-Contractor, today part of Raytheon Company)
22.01.1993Move back to Germany (Adendorf)
25.01.1993 - 31.12.1994Guest Scientist at the "Hamburger Sternwarte"
10.05.1993 - 30.09.1997Public Relations Officer for the M.P.I.f.R. at the 100-m-Radiotelescope in Effelsberg
03.08.1993Move to Grafschaft-Gelsdorf (Ahrweiler County, Rhineland-Palatinate)
15.09.1994 - 08.05.1996Parent Council ("Schulelternbeirat") at the Elementary School "Obere Grafschaft" in Gelsdorf
14.03.1995 - 01.10.1996Founder and President of the PTA at the Elementary School "Obere Grafschaft" in Gelsdorf
20.05.1996 - 21.06.1999Organizer, Technical Advisor, and Lecturer for the PTA Computer Study Group at the Elementary School in Gelsdorf
29.08.1997Move to Bad Neuenahr
Since 01.10.1997Freelancing as Science and Computer Consultant (Running own Company "Richter EDV-Consulting")
15.10.1997 - 15.10.1999Parent Council ("Schulelternbeirat") at the Peter-Joerres-Gymnasium (High School in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler)
01.04.1999 - 30.04.2000Research Scientist in the Project "Fiber Analysis" at the Umwelt-Campus in Birkenfeld (supported by the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft", DFG)
01.05.2000 - 30.09.2001Research Coordinator at the Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld
01.12.2000Move to Hoppstädten-Weiersbach (Birkenfeld County)
20.08.2001Divorce from Jutta Richter nee Koslowski
01.10.2001 - 31.12.2003Head of Operations for the Center for Microsystems Technology (ZEMI) in Berlin-Adlershof
01.11.2001Move to Berlin (Bezirk Neukölln, Stadtteil Rudow-Gartenstadt)
27.12.2001Civil Marriage with Maria Schowengerdt (born 15.11.1954 in Sasebo, Japan, US citizen)
26.05.2002Elected deputy speaker and webmaster of the Bernbeck Family Union during its 60th reunion,
on the same day church wedding with Maria nee Schowengerdt in the church on the Wirberg near Giessen.
01.12.2003Move to Adendorf (Lüneburg County)
27.02.2005Move to Costa Mesa, Orange County, California, USA (Green Card holder)
30.06.2006Reestablishment of own consulting Company in the USA as Richter IT & Science Consulting
Since 28.08.2006Adjunct Professor for Astronomy at the Coastline Community College, Orange County, California, USA
27.06.2007Move to Garden Grove, Orange County, California, USA
30.04.2008Divorce from Maria Schowengerdt
19.08.2011Move to Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
23.08.2011Lecturer for Physic and Astronomy at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana
06.11.2011Marriage with Linda Lea Hasha nee Kugel (born 21.08.1953 in Rochester, New York,/a>, USA

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