Research into ones own family connections, i.e. ancestors, descendants, and side relatives, has become ever more popular in recent years. I became "addicted" in 1989. My research and data entry started more as an experiment rather than a serious investigation. After my own attempts failed, to program a suitable database software in FORTRAN and PASCAL, I began to search FTP-servers for PC freeware and shareware. Back in 1989 there were mostly DOS-programs available. Very few Windows-3.x-programs had already become available. I experimented with about 25 different programs, and finally decided that there was only one program which was up to my demands: Brother's Keeper by John Steed. Consequently, I entered all data again. While the investigation on the side of my first wife was not very successful, my own family proved a lot more willing to provide missing data. I belong to a larger family union, the Familie Bernbeck, whose computer genealogist I am now. Almost 23.000 people are now in my database. After many years of repeated evaluation, checking, critical reworking, rejecting, and fresh data entry I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the thought that I still have to enter about 35.000 people, all of them common ancestors, to achieve some kind of completeness. Maybe the years necessary for that task will be given to me ...

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