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Music has always been an important part of my life. Regrettably, I don't play a single instrument myself. When I was about 10, my father one day got out his old violin, found it damaged and pondered if it should be repaired. So, he asked me to take classes, which I did. However, other stuff going on at the same time made my experiences of getting into town in the afternoons not altogether pleasurable, and I didn't stick with playing long enough so that it could have developed some dynamics of its own. Consequently, my father never had the violin repaired. He didn't seem to mind it much, though. Later, when I entered dancing school at the age of 13, music took on a new meaning, and that I enjoyed a lot. All the way up until the time of the beginning of my military service in 1971, I stayed with the dancing school; sometimes even acting as the assistant to the teacher. At my former work place in Birkenfeld I was able to reminisce about those old times during the annual Christmas parties, where dancing is an important part of the action. Sadly, other than that, I had no opportunity to practice so far ...

When I was young (oh what a long time ago!) pop music in Europe meant mostly English bands. Among my boyhood favorites were The Tremeloes, The Beatles, and The Monkees. Obviously, other bands like, e.g., The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and The Hollies were also a big part my daily listening experiences. When I grew older The Monkees fell largely out of favor (except one title: Randy Scouse Git). Then, when The Beatles dissolved (sob ...), I discovered Creedence Clearwater Revival (grin ...), only to see them disintegrate just a few years later (sob again ...). When I finally grew up in the early 1980s my taste changed to become more all-encompassing. I even started to listen to classical music regularly! To this day, however, I can't really enjoy opera, except in live performances. When, in 1985, I bought my first CD player, I began buying - more or less randomly - quite a few CDs, among which one by Enya. Her style has me captivated ever since. Today, I listen to a variety of music styles, simply depending on my mood. In 1991, through a joint trip with a research assistant to Australia, I first heard The Travelling Wilburys. I'm still looking for good links to sites with info about them and their lyrics. Obviously, The Silver Wilburys qualify, too.

During a trip to Missouri in 1999 I was surprised to hear Enya from tape in the car of my distant cousin Kimberly there. It turned out Enya was her favorite, too. Interestingly enough, in the meantime I know she likes John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival, too. When she heard Proud Mary on my car stereo while driving to a Bernbeck family reunion, she remarked "it doesn't get much better than that". Well, right she is!

Lately, however, I found myself listening more often to the music by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, i.e. the 11 CDs I own from him. Life looks decidedly better than average when one hears, for instance, the "Four Seasons". Knowing that my distant cousin Maria liked him, too, brought added joy to the listening experience. Maria became my wife, and we shared in this delight ... But, that will come to an end, soon ...

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