(since final emigration to the USA on 27 February 2005)

Dr. Otto-G. Richter

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Full-time instructor,

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Fall Semester 2011 - present

Dr. Richter lectures Astronomy (PHYS-160) (Introductory Astronomy) and several sections of the Physics lab PHYS-215.


Adjunct faculty member,

Coastline Community College

Fall Semester 2006 - present

Dr. Richter lectures Astronomy 100 and Astronomy 100L, now exclusively online. In the Fall 2006 semester he lectured at Corona del Mar High School (in the Newport/Mesa Unified School District), in the Spring 2007 semester he lectured at Ocean View High School, in the Fall 2007 semester he lectured at Fountain Valley High Scholl, in the Spring 2008 semester at Marina High School (all in the Huntington Beach Union High School District), and in the Spring 2009 semester at Newport Harbor High School (again in the Newport/Mesa Unified School District). Since the Summer 2007 semester, he lectures the Online Astronomy 100 courses. Since the Fall II 2007 term, he also teaches Astronomy 100 for the Military Program Office at Coastline. Since the Spring 2010 semester, he also teaches the Astronomy 100L lab class. The summer lectures and the lectures for the Military Programs Office are 8-week classes; all others are regular 16-week classes. In addition, he served on the Equivalency Committee in the physical sciences, and the College-wide Technology Committee. During fall 2008 he prepared proposals for four new astronomy lectures in order to create a program in astronomy at CCC: ASTR-101 (Planetary Astronomy), ASTR-102 (Stellar Astrophysics), ASTR-103 (Galaxies and Cosmology), and ASTR-104 (Tools of Astronomy); ASTR-105 (Life in the Universe) is currently being planned. These proposals were all approved by Coastline’s Curriculum Committee and by the Board, as well as for transfer credit to the UC and CSU systems. The ASTR-101 lecture was first delivered in the spring 2011 semester.




October 1997 - present

Dr. Richter, as owner of the originally German company "Richter EDV-Consulting" founded in 1997, which was reestablished in Costa Mesa, CA, as RITS-Consulting in June 2005, and was moved to Lafayette, Louisiana in August 2011; he consults on all topics related to PC hardware, software and networking.

He designs and assembles PC systems for customers, advises on purchases, creates or repairs software installations under Microsoft Windows 3.x, 9x, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7, as well as SuSE Linux (4-11).

He designs, implements and maintains small to mid-size network setups, including heterogeneous nets with computers from different vendors using different operating systems.

He sells computer parts, digital cameras, and other high-tech items.

His past customers included predominantly persons employed by or related to educational institutions as well as such institutions themselves.

He has experience giving lectures on standard desktop software including Microsoft Windows (9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7), MS Office applications, and image acquisition, processing and analysis software. He gave university lectures on using Visual Basic with Microsoft Excel. He provided computer classes for school children in grades 2 - 4 for the elementary school in Gelsdorf (Ahrweiler Co., Germany).

He possesses substantial experience in web design and programming, image processing and general programming (usually programmed in Algol-60, FORTRAN or Pascal, but has also learned assembly languages, Basic, COBOL, C and LISP).

He has worked internationally as a computer genealogist and genealogy consultant.

He has substantial experience as a technical and scientific translation service consultant (German-English and English-German). Samples are available upon request.

Occasionally, he provided temporary employment for one or two people on an honorarium basis.


Adjunct faculty member,

Long Beach City College

Spring Semester 2009 - Spring Semester 2011

Dr. Richter lectured Astronomy 1 during the spring semesters, inside of the LBCC planetarium.


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